Black History Month

Proud to be: From Suffering to Hope

On Sunday Revd Adelaide Davies joined us to lead the first of our Black History Month 2021 services.

It was a very special morning. Michael, one of our churchwardens and trainee reader, preached on the national theme #proudtobe, sharing what he is proud to be within our church family, community, and beyond. He talked about the transition from suffering to hope, and what we can focus on as a church to facilitate that move to hope together, reminding us of the Christ Church statement against racial injustice.

We heard from the experience of church member Gav, and his hope for the church to keep up the momentum fighting for racial justice.

Why not join us next Sunday for the second in the series, led by the Ven Joe Ajaefobi. Pam will be speaking to us about the transition from hope to pride and celebration?

Proud to be: from hope to joy and celebration

The second Black History Month service was led by the Ven Joe Ajaefobi

Pam preached on the theme of ‘Proud to be: from hope to pride and celebration’ not only sharing what she is proud of but also interviewing members of our congregation.

We were challenged by thought provoking questions like, “What would you tell your younger self when giving them “the talk” about living in a racist world?”And joyous questions like “What are you proud of about your culture?” We celebrated the joy of Ubuntu and sang and danced together throughout the service.

In light of the joy and celebration Pam also reminded us that we need to work for black history month to be all year round! Thank you for everyone that was involved in such a beautiful service.