Spring activities at Christ Church

Spring activities at Christ Church

We have had a wonderful start to spring from our Women or Faith day to the Spring Pilgrimage.

On Saturday 19th March many of Christ Church’s women gathered to encourage one another in faith. We read the Bible together, prayed for one another, and reflected on what it is to be a woman of faith.

It was a really special time to come together, draw closer, and deepen friendships, led by Linda. We look forward to another day like this soon!

The following Saturday 26th March some of us led a walking Pilgrimage from St Pauls to Westminster Abbey. It was a glorious day and a wonderful time spent together.

And of course, last Sunday we also celebrated Mothering Sunday, thinking about all those who play a mothering role for each of us.

There was a drama of the story of the the Woman and the Oil, who was poor and concerned for her children when God blessed her with an extraordinary miracle. Collecting up jars from her neighbours and friends, she filled each one and had more oil to spare! It helped us to see God’s heart for the needy and his love to provide for us when times seem helpless.

Pam preached and helped us to reflect on the features of a mother figure and the importance of a whole variety of those figures in our lives.

We thought about it in light of the Embracing Justice Lent Series and the sacrifice that Jesus made for us.

And of course, we gifted beautiful spring flowers to either remind us of our mother figures or give them to someone that plays that important role in our lives.

We have had a wonderful start to Spring and can’t wait for the upcoming Easter services!