Thursday 29th April, 8pm on Zoom

 The APCM (Annual Parochial Church Meeting) will be on Thursday 29th April at 8pm via Zoom

Click here for the notice of the APCM.

Click here for the notice of a meeting for the election of Churchwardens.

Electoral Roll

The electoral roll is the equivalent of the church membership list and means you can stand for being a member of one of our church councils and that you are able to vote for people for the church councils if we have an election. 

Click here for the Notice of Revision of the Electoral Roll.

The period for refreshing the Electoral Roll ends on Sunday 28 March, the new electoral roll (names only) is below.  Please check it for errors and report any to mikeyjochs@gmail.com

You can check you are on the electoral roll by looking at this list.


As of 11th April we are now open to nominations for election of laity to leadership roles at the AGM on 29th April.  The roles open are:

If you wish to stand for any of these posts please do as follows:

  • Download the appropriate nomination form above, complete it (without signatures from your proposer and seconder) and send it by email to mikeyjochs@gmail.com, copied to your proposer and seconder.  
  • Your proposer and seconder should respond to your email by replying to Michael stating they agree to be your proposer/seconder.

Anyone unable to do this but nevertheless willing to stand/propose/second should contact Michael Crawford on 07921 021 297 for instructions.