Connect Parents


Connect Parents meets in Christ Church with our children from 10am on Friday mornings fortnightly during term time. We warmly welcome parents-to-be, parents with new babies and parents with school age children. We seek to form a sense of community where we share friendship and support one another. We explore ways of developing a greater sense of God at work in our lives and our relationship with Jesus. 

Connect Parents is a welcoming environment where we nurture one another as Christian parents and where we share our faith, joys, challenges and find peace in a caring and inspiring space. The group enjoys a strong sense of community and fellowship from the simple act of sharing ‘our week’ and ‘our lives’ with each other, enjoying a cuppa and biscuit, exploring the bible, praying together and being of mutual support and encouragement on life’s journey.

As ‘Mums’ and ‘Dads’ we do talk about our role as parents, but we also seek to ensure that we retain our own identities. As Christian parents we discuss and explore together how the home can become a place in which our children are nurtured into the reality of God’s presence and love. We seek to build up and nurture our own relationship with God so we are equipped to share and encourage our children to grow in their own relationship with God.

We seek to provide an opportunity for parents to meet and support one another, encounter God together and encourage a safe place where we share and learn from each other. Our group is a safe, non-judgemental, empathetic space where kindness, encouragement, laughter, patience, wisdom and happiness are key elements and where we can explore our own Christian discipleship and have sense of connection and belonging.